IJE TRANSACTIONS B: Applications Vol. 31, No. 11 (November 2018) 1856-1862    Article in Press

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R. Asghari
( Received: June 02, 2018 – Accepted: August 17, 2018 )

Abstract    the delay caused by the communication network in transmitting the signals of the wide-area measurement system makes it difficult to power oscillation damping control system. One of the important issues is the lack of delimited additional controllers, which limit the function of device modification, such as SVC. This paper is proposed as a controlling solution based on the positive effect of delay on stability. This controller applies its output to a SVC input with some delay. To determine the delay and controller parameters in the design stage, an algorithm is proposed with the realistic minimization of the rightmost eigenvalue. The stability analysis of the control system has been performed with an eigenvalue tool. A four-machine power system has been used to perform various simulations to assess the accuracy of the proposed control function and the feasibility study. The simulation results show that the controller designed in a wide range of system delays does not limit the measurement of the wide area of the SVC imaging function.


Keywords    range stability, delay differential-algebraic equations, large-scale power systems, spectral abscissa


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