IJE TRANSACTIONS C: Aspects Vol. 31, No. 12 (December 2018) 1965-1966   

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M. Yousefpour, P. Afzali and E. Borhani
( Received: July 21, 2018 – Accepted: November 26, 2018 )

Abstract    In this study, a wide range of combined ageing treatments and cold work deformations in the Al 4.2wt%Ag alloy matrix were proposed, aiming to investigate the effect of defects such as precipitates (Ag2Al plates) and dislocations on the mechanical and electrochemical behavior of Al–4.2 wt%Ag alloys. Further reduction of thickness from 10% to 60%, decreases the mean size of Ag2Al plates, along with a denser distribution. The inductive loop at lower frequencies in Nyquist plot attributed to localized corrosion clearly testified the fluctuations in anodic branch of Tafel diagram and the FE-SEM images as to the presence of pitting corrosion. Also, the pit propagation grade expands repetitively with cold work reduction and fragmentation of pre-precipitates. This was related to an extreme amount of dislocations induced by the deformation and fragmented pre-precipitates, which created more preferable locations for the nucleation of pits. In addition, Energy dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy of pits revealed the presence of Al-Ag containing particles that acted as cathodic sites and caused the anodic matrix dissolution.


Keywords    Corrosion behavior, Pitting, Al-Ag, Cold work deformation


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