IJE TRANSACTIONS B: Applications Vol. 31, No. 5 (May 2018) 716-725    Article in Press

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S. MK and R. Kumar
( Received: May 07, 2017 – Accepted: March 08, 2018 )

Abstract    The effect of gap ratio(g*) and angle of attack(AOA) on a next to each other twin wind blades were examined in an open-channel tunnel and through CFD analysis. Aerodynamic forces were examined utilizing three-constrain force balancer. For g* = 0, the aerodynamic attributes were like those of a solitary wind blade edge. As g* expanded, these two wind blades actuated the vortical wake to stage vortex shedding modes. With further increment in g*, the wake stream pattern was like those behind a solitary wind blade. For a solitary wind blade, the most extreme lift happened at AOA of 30 and the drag expanded with AOA. The pitching moment increases with AOA. The impact of upper aerofoil blade on the lower one diminished as g* expanded.


Keywords    Rotor, Flow characterization, aerodynamic performance, CFD investigation


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