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1 OMS-18-408 A Modified Noise Analysis of a CS-CG LNTA for Sub-micron Technologies Mohsen Javadi, H. MiarNaimi, Seyyed Mehdi Hoseini November 06, 2018  
2 OMS-18-240 Mathematical formulation and solving of green closed-loop supply chain planning problem with production, distribution and transportation reliability under uncertain conditions M.B. Fakhrzad, Parisa Talebzadeh November 06, 2018  
3 OMS-18-1670 Study on the contrast between two seismic response analysis programs of soil layer Xiaofei Li October 26, 2018  
5 OMS-18-1499 Modified L1 Adaptive Control Design for Satellite FMC Systems with Actuators Time Delay Mehran Nosratolahi, Ahmad Soleymani October 26, 2018  
6 OMS-18-1490 Analytical solution of dynamic analysis of weakened Euler–Bernoulli beam by Green function Amin Ghannadiasl, Saeid Khodapanah Ajirlou October 26, 2018  
7 OMS-18-701 Multi-commodity multimodal splittable logistics hub location problem with stochastic demands Mahdi Bashiri, Behnam Karimi, Erfaneh Nikzad October 26, 2018  
8 OMS-18-1486 Fault Location on Compensated Transmission Lines without Current Measurement Khalil Gorgani Firouzjah October 26, 2018  
9 OMS-18-1622 Effect of polyethylene glycol and Triton X-100 on the enzymatic treatment of Bisphenol A Zahra Ghobadi, M. Borghei, S. Yaghmaei October 26, 2018  
10 OMS-18-1605 Dye adsorption on the blends of saffron petals powder with activated carbon: Response surface methodology Reza Davarnejad, Rezvan Pishdad, Shekofeh Sepahvand October 26, 2018  
11 OMS-18-1292 Analyse Power Consumption by Mobile Applications Using Fuzzy Clustering Approach Deepti Mehrotra, Deepshikha Nagpal, Rashi Srivastava, Renuka Nagpal October 26, 2018  
12 OMS-18-1467 Heat transfer enhancement of a flat plate boundary layer distributed by a square cylinder: PIV and TSP measurements and POD analysis Ghodrat Ghassabi, Mohsen Kahrom October 26, 2018  
13 OMS-18-1441 Fault Detection of Anti-Friction Bearing using Ensemble Machine Learning Methods Sangram Patil, Vikas Phalle October 26, 2018  
14 OMS-18-1553 Effect of deformation-induced defects on the microstructure and pitting corrosion behavior of Al-Ag alloy Mohsen Yousefpour, Pooria Afzali, Ehsan Borhani October 26, 2018  
15 OMS-18-1589 Rice Classification and Quality Detection Based on Sparse Coding Technique Samira Mavaddati October 26, 2018  
16 OMS-18-199 A Robust Optimization Methodology for Multi-Objective Location-Transportation Problem in Disaster Response phase under Uncertainty Mostafa Hajiaghaei-Keshteli, Mohammad Kaviyani-Charati, Fatemeh Heidarzadeh Souraki October 26, 2018  
17 OMS-18-1488 A versioning approach to VM live migration Majid Tajamolian, Mohammad Ghasemzadeh September 24, 2018  
18 OMS-18-506 Response Spectra of Structures under Subway Induced Vibrations Morteza Heidari, F. Behnamfar August 17, 2018  
19 OMS-18-617 Investigation of Nose and Tail Shape Effects on the Hydrodynamic Parameters in AUVs Sarallah Abbasi, Marhamat Zeinali July 22, 2018  
20 OMS-17-876 Flow seals parameters analysis for rotors Mohamed Amine Khaled Benalouach, Ahmed Sahli, Sara SAHLI April 28, 2018  
21 OMS-18-104 A hybrid FMCDM model based on fuzzy DEMATEL with fuzzy ANP and ISM for prioritizing LARG Supply Chain Practices Abdol Hamid Safaei Ghadikolaei, Zeinolabedin Akbarzadeh, Mehrdad Madhoushi, Hasanali Aghajani April 26, 2018  
22 OMS-18-238 The application of ground penetrating radar on coal-rock interface detection Xin Wang, Lei Zhang, Kai Zhang April 26, 2018  
23 OMS-17-2079 Prediction of Shear Wave Velocity Profile Using GMDH Type Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithm Omolbanin Ataee, Naser Hafezi Moghaddas, Gholam Reza Lashkaripour, Mehdi Jabbari Nooghabi March 09, 2018  
24 OMS-17-163 Multi-precision Integer Multiplication for Cryptosystem Jitendra Tembhurne, Shailesh Sathe March 08, 2018  
25 OMS-17-1803 Effect of Thermal Process on Properties of 13X Zeolite Agglomeration by Organic Binders and Their CO2 Adsorption Mahsa Aghaei, Mansoor Anbia, Amir Hossein Hosseiny February 08, 2018  
26 OMS-17-1209 Research on Dynamic Stiffness of Integrated Squirrel-Cage Supporting Ball Bearing Wanjia Li, Sier Deng, Jinghua Wang, Wenhu Zhang January 31, 2018  

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