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1 OMS-17-1412 Comparison of Experimentally and Theoretically Determined Infiltration in Coarse Textured Soil Thushara Wickramaarachchi, Thillainathan Venukanan, R Diluckshanaraj January 21, 2018  
2 OMS-17-1755 Discovering Popular Clicks Pattern of Teen Users for Query Recommendation Heydar Ghasemzadeh, Mohammad Ghasemzadeh, Ali Mohammad Zareh Bidoki January 17, 2018  
3 OMS-17-1834 Finite Plate with circular and Square Hole under Partial Loading Mohammad Dehghani January 16, 2018  
4 OMS-17-1719 A New Circuit Scheme for Wide Dynamic Circuits Mohammad Asyaei January 16, 2018  
5 OMS-17-1811 Ovality and bow defect of pre-punched sheets in roll forming of trapezoidal sections Mehdi Safari, Jalal Joudaki January 16, 2018  
6 OMS-17-1622 Turning of Ti-6Al-4V alloy with iron-rich binder Carbide cutting Tools Chandrashekar Mahadevaiah, Sreenivasa Prasad January 15, 2018  
7 OMS-17-1088 Process Optimization of Deposition Conditions for Low Temperature Thin Film Insulators used in TFT Displays Siroos Rastani January 14, 2018  
8 OMS-17-891 Numerical Analysis of Fully Developed Flow and Heat Transfer in Channels with Periodically Grooved Parts Ali Joodaki January 14, 2018  
9 OMS-17-1966 Evaluating the Sintering Temperature Control Towards the Adsorptivity of Ammonia onto the Natural Zeolite Based Hollow Fibre Ceramic Membrane MOHD HAFIZ DZARFAN OTHMAN January 06, 2018  
10 OMS-17-1197 Energy Efficiency Analyses of a Milling Process based on Toolpath Strategies Vincent Balogun, Isuamfon F. Edem January 06, 2018  
11 OMS-17-296 A new model for visco-elastic behavior of asphalt mixture with combined effect of stress and temperature Seyyed Mohammad Mirabdolazimi, Gholam Ali Shafabakhsh January 06, 2018  
12 OMS-17-1967 Performance evaluation of hybrid coagulation-nanofiltration process of AT-POME Wan Nur Ain Shuhada Abdullah, Tipparat Nooruan, Woei Jye Lau, Farhana Aziz, AHMAD FAUZI Fauzi Ismail January 04, 2018  
13 OMS-17-1877 Behavioral interference of vibrating machines foundations constructed on sandy soils Hamed Javdanian January 04, 2018  
14 OMS-17-1829 Online Monitoring for Industrial Processes Quality Control Using Time Varying Parameter Model Roja Parvizi Moghadam January 04, 2018  
15 OMS-17-1747 Nitrate removal from aqueous solutions using granular activated carbon modified with iron nanoparticles Bahram Kamarehie, Efat Aghaali, Seyyed Alireza Mousavi, Seyed Yaser Hashemi, Ali Jafari January 04, 2018  
16 OMS-17-1672 Internally Cured Glass Fiber Reinforced Sustainable Concrete in Subtropical Climate - A Parametric Investigation Nishant Yadav, Shirish Deo, G.D. Ramtekkar January 04, 2018  
17 OMS-17-1775 A new combination of robust-possibilistic mathematical programming for resilient supply chain network under disruptions and uncertainty: A real supply chain Alireza Hamidieh, Alireza Arshadi Khamseh, Bahman Naderi January 04, 2018  
18 OMS-17-1902 Composite MWCNT.PDMS Membrane Bioreactor for Enhanced Bioethanol Production from Broomcorn Seeds Ghasem Najafpour, Amirhossein Farahi, Ali Asghar Ghoreyshi January 04, 2018  
19 OMS-17-1657 A New Multi-Objective Model for Multi-Mode Project Planning with Risk Hamid Mollaei, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Abbas Toloie-Eshlaghy January 04, 2018  
20 OMS-17-1617 Determining of Geotechnical Domain Based on Joint Density and Fault Orientation at Batu Hijau Mine, West Sumbawa - Indonesia Yan Adriansyah, Zufialdi Zakaria, Dicky Muslim, Febri Hirnawan January 04, 2018  
21 OMS-17-1610 Evaluation of Project Critical Success Factors for Key Construction Players and Objectives Mahdi Asgari, Ali Kheyroddin January 04, 2018  
22 OMS-17-1552 A study of the Tribological properties of sputter-deposited MoSX/Cr coatings Mehdi Akbarzadeh, Morteza Zandrahimi January 04, 2018  
23 OMS-17-1501 Bi-objective Build-to-Order Supply Chain Problem with Customer Utility Malieheh Ebrahimi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Fariborz Jolai January 04, 2018  
24 OMS-17-1328 A Novel Method for Detecting Targets on Inactive Radars Using an Adaptive Processing on the Ambiguity Function Mohsen Kafi, Javad Ranjbar, Jafar Khalilpour, Smaeel Zare January 04, 2018  
25 OMS-17-1310 Multi-objective Pareto optimization of two-element wing models with morphing flap using CFD, GMDH artificial neural networks and genetic algorithms Hamed Safikhani, Masoud Jamalinasab January 04, 2018  
26 OMS-17-1256 An Efficient Hierarchical Modulation based OFDM transmission Scheme for digital video Broadcasting. Chandra Kala K, Jayakumari J January 04, 2018  
27 OMS-17-1033 Solving a New Multi-objective Inventory Routing Problem by Non-dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm Rahmat Arab, S.F. Ghaderi, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam January 04, 2018  
28 OMS-17-984 A new Modeling and Implementation OF Maximum Power Point Tracking Fuzzy Logic Algorithm for SOLAR Photovoltaic System Tarek Boutabba January 04, 2018  
29 OMS-17-479 CHARACTERIZATION AND UTILIZATION OF ZEOLITE FOR NPK SLOW RELEASE FERTILIZER Tuty Agustina, Irvan Rizky, Muhammad Utama, Muhammad Amal January 04, 2018  
30 OMS-17-366 A Meta Heuristic Approach to Congestion Mitigation through Optimal Placement of IPFC TANMOY DEB, Anwar Siddiqui January 04, 2018  
31 OMS-17-123 Working Capital Maximization with the inventory management optimization Case of Spare parts Moroccan company Zoubida Benmamoun, Hanaa Hachimi, Aouatif Amine January 04, 2018  
32 OMS-16-1563 Tensile and morphological properties of microcellular polymeric nanocomposite foams reinforced with multi-walled carbon nanotubes Rezgar Hasanzadeh, Taher Azdast January 04, 2018  
33 OMS-17-1243 Modeling the trade-off between manufacturing cell design and supply chain design: a genetic algorithm approach Majid Soolaki, Jamal Arkat, Fardin Ahmadizar December 30, 2017  
34 OMS-17-1516 A Unique Approach of Noise Elimination from EEG Signals between Normal and Meditation state Rahul Ingle, Raval Awale December 28, 2017  
35 OMS-17-1511 Blood flow Simulation in an Aorta with a mild coarctation by means of Magnetic Resonance Angiography and Finite Volume Method Ramin Ghasemiasl, Rouhollah Ostadhossein, Mohammad Amin Javadi, SIAMAK Hoseinzadeh December 21, 2017  
36 OMS-17-931 A new structure for 6 bit DMTL phase shifter in Ku band Abdolreza Gharehkhani, Ebrahim Abbaspour-Sani December 21, 2017  
37 OMS-17-1625 An empirical comparison of distance measures for multivariate time series clustering Amir Salarpour, Hassan Khotanlou December 21, 2017  
38 OMS-17-1016 Application of an additive self-tuning controller for SSSC for damping of SSR oscillations Maysam Abbasi, Behrouz Tousi December 12, 2017  
39 OMS-16-1557 Combined Genetic Algorithm and Monte Carlo Simulation to Wind Power Generation Planning in Distribution Networks Based on Time-of-Use Rate Demand Response Program under Load and Price Uncertainties Saeed Shojaabadi, Mohammadreza Jokarzadeh, Vahid Talavat, Mohammad Namdari, December 02, 2017  
40 OMS-16-1150 Simulation of single-axis force stabilizer behavior in open loop and closed loop conditions according to its equations of motion Mohammad Sadegh Mirzajani Darestani December 02, 2017  
41 OMS-16-1381 Comparative research on optimal damping matching of seat system for an off-highway dump truck Leilei Zhao, Changcheng Zhou, Yuewei Yu December 02, 2017  
42 OMS-16-633 Study of Volumetric Flow Rate of a Micropump Using a Non-Classical Elasticity Theory Aysan Madan Pasandi, Saied Afrang, Shakiba Dowlati, Naser Sharafkhani, Ghader Rezazadeh December 02, 2017  
43 OMS-17-1616 Virtual Flux Based Direct Power Control on Vienna Rectifier Milad Rasouli Khatir, H. Ghoreishy, Sayed ASGHAR GHOLAMIAN December 02, 2017  
44 OMS-17-1560 Free vibration of a generalized plane frame M. Rezaiee Pajand December 01, 2017  
45 OMS-16-1002 Low Power March Memory Test Algorithm for Static Random Access Memories Rajesh Kumar Godi, Banulu K November 30, 2017  
46 OMS-17-793 The integrated supply chain of after-sales services model: A multi-objective scatter search optimization approach Yahia Yahia Mehrjerdi, Amin Yazdekhasti November 30, 2017  
47 OMS-17-1277 An integrated closed-loop supply chain configuration model and supplier selection based on offered discount policies Reza Sadeghi Rad, N. Nahavandi, Ali Hosseinzadeh, S.H. Zegordi November 30, 2017  
48 OMS-17-1219 Intelligent Traffic Management System for Prioritizing Emergency Vehicles in a Smart City Virender Ranga, Lucy Sumi November 30, 2017  
49 OMS-17-1029 A multi-objective hierarchical location-allocation model for healthcare network design considering referral system Mahsa Maleki Rastaghi, Farnaz Barzinpour, Mir Saman Pishvaee November 30, 2017  
50 OMS-17-1323 ISOLATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF NCC FROM CORNCOB WASTE USING H2SO4 HYDROLYSIS METHOD Hamidah Harahap, Ridho Nawansyah, Halimatuddahliana Nasution, Taslim , Iriany November 30, 2017  
51 OMS-17-1559 Improving Super-resolution Techniques via Employing Blurriness Information of the Image Seyyed Jalal Seyyedyazdi, Hamid Hassanpour November 30, 2017  
52 OMS-17-1572 A simplified MPA-based method for incremental dynamic analysis of RC moment-resisting frames Maysam Jalilkhani, Ali Reza Manafpour November 30, 2017  
53 OMS-17-1723 The Influence of DC-Link Voltage on the Commutation Torque Ripple of the Brushless DC Motors with Two-Segment PWM Control Method Shabanali Gol, Gholamreza Ardeshir, MohammadReza Zahabi, Ahmad Ale Ahmad November 30, 2017  
54 OMS-16-1545 Optimal locating and sizing of UPQC-PAC for reactive power compensation in radial distribution network with wind generation Alireza Moradi, Yousef Alinejad-Beromi, Mehrdad Parsa, Meraj Mohammadi October 27, 2017  
55 OMS-17-1245 Two Novel D-Flip Flops with Level Triggered Reset in Quantum Dot Cellular Automata Technology Saeid Zoka, Mohammad Gholami October 27, 2017  
56 OMS-17-533 Optimization of Parameters for Manufacture Nanopowder Bioceramics at Machine Pulverisette 6 by Taguchi and ANOVA Method Ismet Mulyadi, Hendri Hoten, Gunawarman , Afdhal Kurniawan Mainil, Putra Bismantolo October 12, 2017  
57 OMS-17-268 Optimal Policy of Condition-Based Maintenance Considering Probabilistic Logistic Times and the Environmental Contamination Issues Hossein Rahimi Komijani, Mahdi Shahin, Armin Jabbarzadeh October 12, 2017  
58 OMS-17-398 A simple general-purpose I-V model for all operating modes of deep submicron MOSFETs Sepideh Valiollahi, Gholamreza Ardeshir October 12, 2017  
59 OMS-17-358 Modelling and Optimisation of Coconut Shell Drying and Carbonisation Using Multi-Response Taguchi Method with MRSN Procedure Musabbikhah Musabbikhah, Harwin Saptoadi, Subarmono Subarmono, Muhammad Arif Wibisono October 12, 2017  
60 OMS-17-772 A Macro-Model for Nonlinear Analysis of 3D Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls F. Behnamfar, Morteza Heidari, Hassan Zibasokhan October 12, 2017  
61 OMS-17-1362 Optimum Ensemble Classification for Fully Polarimetric SAR Data Using Global-Local Classification Approach Reza Saleh, H. Farsi October 12, 2017  
62 OMS-17-806 Economic-statistical design of np control chart with variable sample size and sampling interval Mohammad Saber Fallah Nezhad, Mohsen Shojaie Navokh October 12, 2017  
63 OMS-17-858 Application of the multivariate control charts for Condition based maintenance Hasan Rasay, Mohammad Saber Fallah Nezhad, Yahya Zare Mehrjardi October 12, 2017  
64 OMS-17-1065 Automotive Vendor\'s performance evaluation and improvement plan presentation by using data envelopment analysis Abdolrahman Haeri, S. Nouri, Marzieh Sadat Rezaee October 12, 2017  
65 OMS-17-1051 Wave Energy Dissipation Using Perforated and Non Perforated Piles Mahdi Feizbahr, Kok Keong Choong, Fatemeh Rostami, Mahdi Shahrokhi October 12, 2017  
66 OMS-17-1147 Bi-level Model for Reliability based Maintenance and Job Scheduling Rasoul Jamshidi October 12, 2017  
67 OMS-17-1101 Optimal decisions in a dual-channel supply chain for substitute products with special orders under disruption risk and brand consideration Ashkan Mohsenzadeh Ledari, Alireza Arshadi Khamseh October 12, 2017  
68 OMS-17-1078 Developing of Corrosion Resistance Nano Copper Oxide Coating on Copper using Anodization in Oxalate solution Mahmood Hameed Mahmood Mahmood, Suryanto Suryanto, Muataz Hazza Faizi. AL Hazza, Farag I. Haider October 12, 2017  
69 OMS-17-1252 Seismic Retrofitting RC Structures with Precast Prestressed Concrete Braces- ABAQUS FEA modeling Mohsen Vatandoost, F. Nateghi October 12, 2017  
70 OMS-17-1350 Load Balancing Approaches for Web Servers: A Survey of Recent Trends Anju Shukla, Shishir Kumar, Harikesh Singh October 12, 2017  
71 OMS-17-1450 The Analysis of Wheel Loader Diesel Engine Crankshaft Failure Karim Aliakbari, Naghi Safarzadeh, Seyed Saeed Mortazavi October 12, 2017  
72 OMS-17-1462 Parameters identification of an experimental vision-based target tracker robot using genetic algorithm Mohammad Hossein Sangdani, Alireza Tavakolpour-Saleh October 12, 2017  
73 OMS-17-1182 Surface energy and elastic medium effects on torsional vibrational behavior of embedded nanorods Reza Nazemnezhad October 12, 2017  
74 OMS-17-629 A 3D Numerical and Empirical study on the effects of injection pressure and temperature on the quality of produced mold Siavash Rahimi, Zahra Baniamerian, Siamak Mazdak, Ebrahim Sharifi Tashnizi October 12, 2017  
75 OMS-17-1278 Study of Stone-Wales defect on elastic properties of single-layer graphene sheets by an atomistic based finite element model Sobhan Safarian, Masoud Tahani October 12, 2017  
76 OMS-17-748 Distributed Generation Expansion Planning Considering Load Growth Uncertainty: A Novel Multi-Period Stochastic Model Javad Hosseini Mola, TAGHI BARFOROSHI, J. Adabi October 12, 2017  
77 OMS-17-786 Stability and Performance Analysis of Fractional Order Controller over Conventional controller Design PARVENDRA KUMAR, SUNIL KUMAR CHAUDHARY October 12, 2017  
79 OMS-16-345 LDO Based Noise Minimization of Active Mode Power Gated Circuit Debanjali Nath, Sambhu Pradhan October 06, 2017  
80 OMS-17-709 Design, Optimization and FEM Analysis of a Salient Pole Permanent-Magnet BLDC Motor and compare with without PM BLDC Motor for Variable-Speed Applications Hassan Moradi CheshmehBeigi October 02, 2017  
81 OMS-17-925 Modeling of conventional and severe shot peening influence on properties of high carbon steel via artificial neural network Erfan Maleki, G. H. Farrahi September 08, 2017  
82 OMS-17-619 Editor in Chief of International Journal of Engineering (Transactions A) Alireza Arshadi Khamseh, Mohammadreza Fazli-khalaf July 07, 2017  
83 OMS-16-1576 Closed-Loop Inventory-Location Problem with Spare Parts in a Multi-Modal Repair Condition Mahshid Yadegari, Reza Tavakkoli-Moghaddam, Ghazaleh Ahmadi June 16, 2017  

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